Getting invalid sdky for signature

why I am always getting invalid sdk key from signature function even after providing valid sdk key. here is the code I am using to generate signature, also cant able to integrate zoom in angular application

const oHeader = { alg: ‘HS256’, typ: ‘JWT’ }

const oPayload = {
sdkKey: ‘privided valid key’,
appKey: ‘privided valid key’,
mn: ‘vbnvbnbvn’,
role: 1,
iat: iat,
exp: exp,
tokenExp: iat + 60 * 60 * 2

const sHeader = JSON.stringify(oHeader)
const sPayload = JSON.stringify(oPayload)
const signature = KJUR.jws.JWS.sign(‘HS256’, sHeader, sPayload, ‘bvnbvnbvnbvnbvnvbn’)

signature: signature

where do you define “iat” and “exp” ?

example on github

infos for troubleshooting signature

@csepiyush ,

do you have a sample of your JWT token, and what version of the SDK are you using?