Invalid SDKKey error with correct key

I’m trying to test meeting-sdk. It was not working with correct SDK key it throws Invalid sdkkey error in the dev console.
I used the below link for Web Meeting SDK:

For join meeting I am using client.join() function.
sdkKey: “xxxxxx”,
signature: “xxxxx”,
meetingNumber: xxxxx,
password: xxxx,
userName: “xxxxx”,
userEmail: “”,
zak: “xxxxx”

Please let me know if I’m missing anything here.

the usual question at the time when zoom login (-> Signature, key error) is not functioning is:

which method is used for the signature?

(1) JWT Signature (deprecated)
(2) SDK JWT Signature

You can not mix both methods

try the examples on github

all examples on github zoom with version 2.3 and higher uses SDK JWT Signature
all examples on github zoom with version 2.2 and lower uses JWT Signature


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Thanks for your contributions @j.schoenemeyer!


Please let us know if you still have trouble generating a signature for the Meeting SDK. We are more than happy to help get you up and running.

I’m seeing the same issue. I’m generating signature using SDK JWT


Please share a screenshot of what you are seeing. Also, you can use our sample app to generate the token and manually place the token in the property. This will allow you to isolate where the issue may be.

I’m using c# to generate the SDK JWT.

method: ‘join’, status: false, result: ‘Invalid sdkkey.’, errorMessage: ‘Fail to join the meeting.’, errorCode: 1


Currently, we do not have a sample app for C#. However, you can deploy our sample app and just make a request to the endpoint to get the correct signature.

Generate the SDK JWT

I do not need a sample app. I’m able to generate the SDK JWT, however, when I join using that token then I get the invalid sdkkey error. If you would like I can share the JWT token in a private chat.

@mpzoomuser ,

Based on the information, either you are generating the signature wrong or you are not using the correct sdkKey. If the former, I’d recommend using the sample app to correctly generate the signature. If the latter, double checking you are using the correct sdkKey. Please share a screenshot of the exact error you are seeing in the dev console.

did you checked your SDK JWT Token with the sample app?

there is a very good tutorial on youtube

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