Getting Participants For All Past Meetings

I am trying to write code to collect information on all participants in previous meetings. I am having trouble figuring how to do this exactly.

What have I tried so far
I tried working with the following sequence of API calls

  • Get meeting from /users/{userId}/meetings
  • For each meeting
    • Get registrants from /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants
    • Get participants from /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

It doesn’t quite capture the full list of users that we’re seen. The number ends up being lower than what we expected?

What would be the right way to collect this information?

Hey @danish1,

Have you tried using the Get Meeting Dashboard endpoint?


@tommy Thank you, no I haven’t tried that yet. It looks promising! Let me take a look and update this topic

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Give it a try and let me know! :slight_smile:


@tommy I was finally able to give it a shot after upgrading our account. The dashboard end point works out great for what I wanted. It gives me pairs of meeting_id and uuid for each past instance.

Now for each instance, I need registrations and participants. I can get the specific participants for an instance from<uuid>/participants

However, how do I get registrants for that specific instance?

I know there is List Meeting Registrant endpoint. However, that required an occurance_id. Where and how do I get that?

Hey @danish1,

Happy to hear its working great! :slight_smile:

The occurance_id for the List Meeting Registrant endpoint is so you can specify which occurrence the meeting is if it was a recurring meeting.

You can get a list of occurrences from the Get a Meeting endpoint in the occurrences object.