Getting started with AWS Virtual Participant framework

I am doing my best to follow the instructions building the AWS Virtual Participant demo at aws-virtual-participant-framework-for-rtc/virtual-participant-orchestrator-for-zoom-meeting/ at main · aws-samples/aws-virtual-participant-framework-for-rtc · GitHub

When trying to follow the instructions for the fully cloud-based version, everything is clear until the end, when it says to run the demo. The following attributes are supposed to be in the etc/run-task.json file:

  • Cluster
  • subnets
  • securityGroups
  • taskDefinition

There is no guidance on how to define these attributes; some of them can be puzzled out, but the taskDefinition is beyond me - in particular, I don’t know what to put for the image URI. Instructions up to that point were nice and clear!

Additionally, I built the stand-alone windows demo but when launching it does not come up correctly; it first shows a dialog to SetDomain, then it prompts for the meeting JWT (which I believe you are getting rid of) and the dialog does not allow me to paste a sample JWT (made following your directions) into the text field. There is no useful console output.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

@randy ,

I understand these fields are specific to an AWS subscription, and related to the Elastic Container Service.