Weird problem related to zoom-sdk-windows-v5.12.8.10282 running in docker container

Hi Dear forum members.

There is weird problem related to zoom-sdk-windows-v5.12.8.10282 running in docker container.

We followed instructions for this project:

aws-virtual-participant-framework-for-rtc/virtual-participant-orchestrator-for-zoom-meeting/src at main · aws-samples/aws-virtual-participant-framework-for-rtc (

1: Imported source code on aws codecommit.

2: Applied patch zoom_sdk_demo_v2.patch, which basically starts crow web server inside zoom-sdk demo and gets join(post) request and connects zoom-sdk demo to zoom meeting afterwards.

Zoom-sdk version here is v5.12.8.10282

3: This patched zoom-sdk runs as aws ecs task.

4: Weather zoom-sdk demo program runs on windows pc or as aws ecs task, it joins to zoom meeting and appears on zoom host window.

5: Problem we had was that v5.12.8.10282 version has no RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege interface method.

6: Latest version v5.15.7.20385 has support for this interface method.

7: So we made changes inside v5.15.7.20385 according to patch zoom_sdk_demo_v2.patch.

8: Problem we have:

A: zoom-sdk demo v5.15.7.20385 when running on LOCAL WINDOWS PC, joins to meeting and this joined bot appears on host zoom window.


B:, When running inside container(either in ecs task or on local docker container), it joins to meeting but does not show up in host zoom window.

Instead of v5.15.7.20385, we started using RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege first introduced here) and problem fixed.