Getting the list of waiting participants on a meeting

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to list participants on the waiting room via API or WEB SDK.

Hi @luca.milanesi,

Good question—I would recommend leveraging our Participant Joined Waiting Room Webhook:

This will trigger an event each time a participant joins the waiting room.

Hope this helps!


Is it possible to get this information locally from my Zoom Client or some log files? I want to build an automatic attendance taker for my classes that compares the current participants to a list. I’m doing this manually several times a day, and all the data is on my screen on my PC. It looks like I could possibly do this using Webhooks, but that would require building and maintaining a server.

Hi @jnichols,

I see, thanks for clarifying. At the moment, our Webhooks are the only way to track this information programmatically. It’s not currently possible to query waiting room attendees directly, either via the API or Zoom Web Portal.

That said, this is a great suggestion. If you’re so inclined, you might consider posting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests


Ok, thanks. Seems to be the best solution for now. Is there any plans for this feature to implemented?

Hey @luca.milanesi,

Thank you for your question. At this time, I’m not aware of any plans to make this a feature in a future release. As @will.zoom mentioned, the best way to have this feature considered for a future release is to submit, or comment on an existing post, in the #feature-requests category.

I hope that helps!


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