Global Dial-In Number

I am getting China in Global Dial-In Number for the meeting.

I am using the following API to fetch the global dial in number for the meeting:
GET # /meetings/{meetingId}

Right now i am getting the Countries listed in the Toll Call setting for the user using which the meeting the created.

I have selected China in Global Dail In Countries

Due to the above setting I am able to set China in

But I am not able to select China for Toll Call

And Get Meeting API call seems to be returning Toll Call number associated with the user.
And i am not seeing China in the Zoom Dail In Window:

Meeting Id which should be associated with the China that you can use for reference is: 95082413494

Can you guide how to include China in the Global_Dail_In_Number for the meeting?

Hey @ConnectWithShipra,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. If you’re not able to set China as a country within Zoom, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team.

It’s my understanding that there is an account-level change that would need to be made. They should be able to confirm this for you.


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