Valid values for global dial-in countries

We are trying to use the Global dial-in countries in Zoom Create Meeting API. However, what is the valid format to use for the country names? For e.g. is it the ISO 3166 2-digit code, or the full name?

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Laxman Uchlani

Hey @luchlani,

Here are the list of country codes:

Use the ID of the country.


Thanks Tommy. Greatly appreciate it.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy

How can we tell which countries are allowed for the user by the account admin?

E.g. the admin might have limited the account to only use Global dial-in countries as [US, Argentina & Australia], out of which the user had selected only [US, Australia] in their own “Global dial-in countries” on their own settings.

How can we know this information, so that for the user selecting the dial-in countries,
a) we don’t show other countries that the admin did not allow?
b) the countries they had already selected on their own profile settings are shown as “selected”

Hey @samudra.rc,

Checkout this doc which explains how to tell which countries are allowed by your account admin:

Let me know if that answers your question! :slight_smile: