Google’s phasing out 3rd party cookies will potentially impact your Open CTI

Google is phasing out support for third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. Unless you act before January 2024, Open CTI may stop functioning. If your Open CTI solution is provided or implemented by an Appexchange partner, then please reach out to them for corrective action.

Third-party cookies are the main mechanism that enables cross-site tracking. Several major browsers have already placed restrictions on third-party cookies or are planning to do so. Third-party cookies enable many valid use cases, such as managing states in embedded content or enabling user sessions across multiple sites.

As part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox project, Chrome is phasing out support for third-party cookies and proposing new functionality for cookies along with purpose-built APIs to support legitimate use cases while preserving user privacy. The gradual phase-out starts in January 2024.

We use ZOOM CTI in salesforce, What needs to be done to keep the integration working.

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Hi @yasmin.moideen
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
I am not aware of any changes but allow me some time to ask internally and I will get back to you with an update.

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Hi @elisa.zoom ,

Have you heard of any changes? Would like to confirm to my client that there’s no need for updating.

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Kindly, Is there any update?

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Hi @kristen.slack and @yasmin.moideen
We are internally working on this
I do not have any updates but rest assured that we are actively working on this

Hi @elisa.zoom -

Thanks for the follow up! Any news in the past week?

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Hi @kristen.slack
No new updates but as I mentioned, we are working on this issue and as of right now you do not need to take any actions.