Graph QL usage and understanding


To obtain list meeting participant QOS data for a specific date range of meetings, I currently perform the following two steps:

  1. Use the API call, List meetings under the dashboard and get the list of meetings for a particular date range.
  2. We will loop through the Meeting IDs from the previous call and call the List meeting participants QOS API to get the data for each meeting.

My Question:
So by using a GraphQL query, can we get all this data in a single query? If that is the case, then I believe it will reduce the number of calls to the API by a good amount. Is my understanding correct in regards to GraphQL?

Note: I am new to GraphQL.

Thank you in advance

Hi @sasidharchadalavada ,

Thank you for your interest in GraphQL. Therotically, yes, you should be able to get those details via GraphQL in single query. However, at the moment, GraphQL is only available for:

  • Meetings
  • Users and
  • Cloud Recording Entities

We are looking to add more features to GraphQL in the future, so stay tuned.



I am glad to announce that we have expanded GraphQL to dashboard entities too. Please do test it out and let us know your feedback

Am I understanding it correctly that meeting participants are distinct from users? Is it not currently possible to query a meeting or set of meetings and selected participant info in a single call?

@bob.butler you are correct. At the moment, this is not possible. However, this is one of the areas that we do want to improve GraphQL. We will update you as soon as this behavior is fixed.

Thanks, that’s where I think GraphQL will be most useful, especially when I can do things like query the list of Zoom Rooms with all all associated devices or a meeting/webinar with all participants and the user details. That type of query is a bit of a pain point with the REST API. I’m still trying to figure out the GraphQL syntax but it’s starting to make a little sense and looks like it will have a lot of potential.