GraphQL Roadmap

Is there any GraphQL Roadmap? I really want to start using it, but our primary use case is regarding Zoom Phone which the GraphQL beta seemingly lacks at the moment. Do you have any estimates on when that may be supported?

Hi @ctc.aaron

Thanks for reaching out. I would like to learn more about your use case for GraphQL. Can we schedule sometime to meet?

Manipulating our Zoom Phone system, users, groups, etc.

I just wanted to see if there was a roadmap for those features so I can decide if I should start exploring it. Currently i’m writing a wrapper for the REST API in C# to do most of these tasks but some of this isn’t as intuitive as I feel a GraphQL API would be, so this is just curiosity.

So is there a roadmap or anything? I feel like in some instances the REST api is either under fetching or over fetching just like your team described in the announcement of GraphQL.

I would LOVE to mess with a GraphQL api but my main need for it is Zoom Phone which doesn’t seem to be supported yet. Would be glad to provide feedback in the process.

Any update on this?>???

@ctc.aaron ,

Sorry it took me some time to respond to this. GraphQL is currently not available for Zoom Phone, and we do not have any immediate plans to do so… We announce our updates on our changelog and I would recommend you to subscribe to it to stay updated.

No immediate plans to incorporate that into GraphQL? That’s wild. The Zoom team really makes the most atrocious design choices.