GraphQL Beta Update

Hello Everyone!

Exciting news! GraphQL Beta is now available on all Zoom accounts! :tada: You can now seamlessly interact with Zoom’s API using GraphQL .

While GraphQL is still in beta, we value your feedback to refine this powerful feature. Share your experiences and help shape GraphQL for the entire Zoom developer community!

Got questions or need guidance? Visit our developer forum at GraphQL - Zoom Developer Forum for dedicated support.

Experience the power of GraphQL with the Zoom GraphQL Playground. Explore and experiment with GraphQL queries at Simple GraphiQL.

To learn more about Zoom’s GraphQL API features and capabilities, check out our article at The Zoom GraphQL API playground: Your new favorite development tool - DEV Community.

For comprehensive documentation, head over to Zoom GraphQL overview.

Thank you for being a part of our Zoom GraphQL Beta Program. Your feedback matters! Let’s make Zoom’s GraphQL feature even more amazing together.

Exciting times ahead as you unleash the power of GraphQL on Zoom! Reach out to us anytime for assistance.

Happy coding!