Green tint on some android phones


Some of my users are having green tint issue
They said that the issue only happen in video call in my app. It don’t happend in another apps
Here is the screenshot

Some users are having this issue today
Please help!
Android video sdk: 1.4.0



Thank you for sharing the screenshot of the green tint behavior your users are reporting. Is this behavior reproducible or is it just happening for some users?


It only happening for some android users
I can’t reproduce the issue on my android phones
But multiple users are having this issue we need to find a way to fix it

Here is some sessions that having this issue:

account id: AAn3GindQE-G4sAvR_XCZA
session id: 7wvRZqSARuGsS52WNR0M9g==
session id: 1D5i9m9BQiq5eEdooPXBxQ==

I can give you their video recordings if you need them


@donte.zoom ,

We have some users that use Android 13 are facing this issue
Please check the sdk on Android 13

Thank you