Help needed for integration purpose

Based on changes recommended by Zoom, we have created a new Server-to-Server OAuth app for integrating our platform with Zoom. We have configured this app with the scopes to support creation of users and meetings using the relevant Zoom APIs. We have also configured a Webhook to receive event notifications for specific Meeting related events. The webhook connection has been successfully validated.

: We are able to create users, create meetings, launch meetings and join meetings using this App.

: However, we are NOT receiving webhook call back to the URL we have registered and validated for meeting events. We have looked at the Zoom documentation [ ] and confirm that we have followed the steps as indicated. While the validation call is being received and confirmed, we are not receiving the call back for Meeting related events.

: We need Zoom to help resolve this issue.

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team as they can assist with checking your account and this app.