Help setting up authentication for a REST API call

Greetings - I want to call the “Add Meeting Registrant” API method within the PHP code of my Wordpress website to add a registrant to an existing meeting. Meaning, I am NOT building an app in the marketplace. I am just calling the ZOOM API. But I could use some help on the setup:

  1. Do I set the authentication up for OAuth or JWT for this?

  2. If it’s OAuth where do I get the ClientID? (this is not the same thing as the api_key right?)

  3. If it’s JWT then I think I would use the api_key and api_secret right?

  4. Do you have a PHP code example that demonstrates how to set this up using the correct method? Your previous posts on this all have links that are no longer valid, so I am having trouble finding any valid and current sample code…

Any help would be MOST appreciated!

Thanks - Mark

WOW - Another forum user responded to a previous post I did a few weeks ago with a code example that he found that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. I am re-posting it here in case anyone else can benefit from it…

PHP example setting up JWT and calling different ZOOM API methods:

THANKS! - Mark

Hi @mbeede,

Were you able to resolve it?