Help with Domain Validation via DNS TXT record

Hello, I am facing the same issue as Manual Domain Verification using DNS TXT Record for app verification. My website is hosted via Webflow and I cannot upload the html file as a validation method. I have added DNS TXT records and am requesting your assistance with manual validation so we can move forward with our app submission.

Thank you!

Hello, it seems you’re encountering an issue with manual domain verification for your app. Since you can’t upload an HTML file for validation and have added DNS TXT records, you’re requesting assistance with manual validation to proceed with your app submission.

Hello, @nigel.hughey or other Zoom support members, can you please send instructions via DM?

This is now resolved, thank you

Hi there,

I have added the TXT records to my DNS, and it is showing in my DNS lookup yet, Zoom is unable to validate my domain. There is no typo, I double checked.

What can I do?