Hide information in Web SDK angular

Hi, everything is integrated and working as expected in my Angular app. I have a question (or maybe feature request) about hiding some information in the web sdk. I want to make them unable to know the meeting information so that nobody can use the Zoom Application and join the meeting. I know that we can handle this by making waiting rooms and other stuff, but I’m asking about the possibility of hiding the meeting information in the web sdk.

  1. meeting number
  2. meeting passwird
  3. invite button (when I hide it using the parameters in the documentation, it is hidden in the main view but not in the participants panel).
  4. Other information that makes someone be able to share the meeting and let others join without authenticating through my website.

The parameters I have tried are: showMeetingHeader and disableInvite. They are not working as expected.

Which version?

Thank youm

I managed to remove all meeting info using meetingInfo in the documentation, however, invite button is still present in the participants tab.

Hey @donzpaul,

Yes, you can use the meetingInfo array to hide the meeting info:

For hiding the invite function, use the showInviteFunction function.


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Unfortunately it is not working. The invite button is still present in the participants tab.

It worked successfully, I misplaced the call of the function.


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Great! Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:


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