Hide meeting credentials from Network Console

We are using Angular WebSDK (@zoomus/websdk - npm) in our project. The password is generated automatically which is not available for the users. But here the security concern is that, if we open Network Tab from Developer Console then the user can see all meeting details there which then can be shared with anyone.

Here, is there any way to hide those details? Especially, meeting id and password.

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Hey @dipapatra2012 ,

Checkout this post here regarding meeting info in the DOM and network console:


@tommy The linked post is closed, any update on the linked CS-2292 ?

Hey @rossy ,

We are actively working on this and will post here once it is ready to be released:


@tommy We have disabled right click as well but there are many ways to open network console. We are also using Meeting information by providing only host and topic in MeetingInfo.

As we are generating password dynamically, if someone opens Network console then it is creating a problem for us. Unknown people are joining a meeting.

It would be great if you team can provide any solution on this.

Hey @dipapatra2012,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. We are currently working on obfuscating the meeting details in the Web SDK. In the meantime, you can employ the same techniques to keep unknown users out of your meeting as with the Zoom Client. We cover some steps that you can take here:

Let me know if that helps.


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