Hide Meeting Details in Zoom Application

We are using Zoom API to create meetings from within our Web App. The users are allowed to join the meetings using Web SDK, Android SDK or by Zoom App. We do not expose the Meeting URL, Meeting ID or Passcode to any user (host or guest).

Everything is fine for Web SDK & Android SDK but the meeting URL, Meeting ID & Passcode are visible to users joining using Zoom Application.

How can we setup the meeting so that no one can see these information.

The purpose to hide the meeting details is to make sure no one can share the meeting details. Only registered users from our platform can join the meeting from the portal itself.

Hi @PedaLiveClasses ,

For questions about the Zoom Client/App, please reach out to our Technical Support team here. They’ll be best suited to assist with this.


Hi Will,

No, the question is for API/Webhook because we create the meetings using API. We don’t want the users to see the meeting info when they join the meeting. So, the setting needs to be pre-defined.


Hi @PedaLiveClasses,

To clarify, it’s not currently possible to specify that meeting info should be hidden when creating a meeting via API. If you wish to hide meeting info, the supported way to do this is to utilize our Web SDK (as you’re currently doing), which allows you to hide this.

While I don’t believe it’s possible to hide this information in the Zoom Client, our Support team would be able to confirm this for you, as this would need to be done from the Client itself. It’s not possible to control this via API.

It’s a great suggestion to be able to designate this setting via API, however. If you wish to see this capability in our APIs, I encourage you to submit a feature request here: #feature-requests


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