Hide or Customize Recording Disclaimer

Hide or Customize Recording Disclaimer on start of recording :

Please assist how to Completely Remove the recording disclaimer or a way to Customize it
in web Meeting SDK

do you have a zoom account, where this is possible ?

Prerequisites for modifying recording notifications

  • Account owner or admin privileges to enable and/or lock for a group or your account
  • Enterprise, API, Education, or Business accounts with 100+ licenses plan to disable the recording consent dialog for internal users

Note: For Basic, Pro, Business and Free Trial accounts with less than 100 licenses, the recording consent disclaimer is enabled for all users on a Zoom client by default and can’t be disabled or customized. The voice prompt can be disabled.

Yes, I do have the zoom admin level account
I want to Modify the Disclaimer which is shown in zoom meeting WebSdk

If you host all files on your server, change the text is not difficult

all texts are in the file /dist/lib/lang/en-US.json

We deploy it on azure, I am unbale to find this file,
Can you please assist how to change it in angular ?

somewhere in your program code there will be such a line

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘https://source.zoom.us/2.9.5/lib’, ‘/av’);

this is the path, where the zoom SDK expects the “lib” folder

if you wan’t the change anything in this folder (like the language file) you have host the complete “lib” on your server and update the path in “setZoomJSLib”

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