Remove voice at the beginning of the recording

Since a few days, Zoom has a female voice that tells me when the recording has started.
Please remove that or at least offer an option to do that.


Hi @Unkas,

Since 24th May, Zoom updated their requirements for this.

The audio recording announcement is now automatically enabled for any For Basic, Pro, Business, and Free Trial accounts with less than 100 licenses and cannot be disabled.

In order to disable the notification, you must have at least 100 licenses, at which point you can enter your account settings and disable the audio notification.


It means, that i can not have a recording without editing anymore. There will be always a delay at the beginning of the recording and probably some audio hearable.
Thats a big step down, in terms of usability

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I agree, however unfortunately this is the case for all users now, unless they have 100+ licenses.

I’d recommend leaving your feedback at: Feedback - Zoom


If it is true that this “voice” cannot be disabled for companies with fewer than 100 licenses, this is an enormous time-waster for our teachers who record short videos for their learners.

The said announcement / warning is only for the participants to hear.
It’s not getting recorded, Zoom filters out that voice.
You don’t need to edit the video / audio recordings.

~ Fatih

I don’t know where to start on how a bad product decision this is… We use Zoom on a daily bases for research, to talk to people, and this is very annoying. I work in brazilian’s biggest entertainment and TV group, and everyone is complaining about this voice…

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