Hide the button in the meeting window(record button)

Hi I’m using zoom electron skd and I’m trying to hide the record button on the meeting screen.
I have gone through docs & understood that I have to play around with SettingUI_ConfSettingDialogShownTabPage , so I have implemented it as follows.

Inside meetingstatuscb, I have added functionObj.confSettingDialogShownTabPage(2) in this case Instead of video, I wanted to hide all other things.

And log from confSettingDialogShownTabPage function is 0 as well, but still I see all the options in the meeting screen.

Which version?
Latest Electron SDK from https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron

Any reply would be appreciated !!

Hi @dhondiarunteja,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to hide the record button, please call the following interface before starting the meeting: