Hide Zoom title on the top of the waiting room (before admitting the users by the host)

Hi, Dear Zoom!

We have an app using the zoom SDK. When we start a meeting with the waiting room users will go to the waiting room before the meeting. We use code no_titlebar true and etc in zoom meeting optine and in the meeting it’s ok but our question is how to do the same for the waiting room?! I mean how to hide the zoom title on the top of the waiting room before admitting the users by the host? is there any solution for it?! We would be very pleased if there were a solution to it


Hi @Gsagas.mb, thanks for the post.

The no_titlebar setting you are referring to is only meant to impact the in-meeting UI. If you would like to customize the waiting room UI, you can implement a custom meeting UI. This would give you absolute control over all aspects of the UI before, during, and after the meeting.


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