Host Gets Kicked Out

I am wondering if there is a solution to the challenge of the host getting kicked out of the room. This happened today with my teacher and another student became a host. Is there a way to force back to the wait room? What would be the bet way to prevent this?


In such a scenario, i can have 2 accounts. 1 as the host and another as the co-host. If for some reason the host lost connection, the other account that you set as co-host will automatically takes over as the host. And thus you can continue to be in control.



I am worried that both accounts will lose connection. I do not think this is necessarily a response that is a realist solution.

Hmm…the scenario when i can get both accounts to lose connection may be unstable or bad network…

I have yet to come across a situation when a host lose connection due to other factors. I would be very keen to learn from you what was the other situations so i can take note too!

Thank you!

The situation is that I am a teacher and leading a lesson. I get kicked out of the meet and it defaults to having a random person become the host. Is there a way that you can get it set so that when the host leaves the meeting just ends? I am worried about the students taking over the lesson and a teacher not being able to get back to the meeting.

Hi I think zoom has the function to “reclaim host”. In an situation that you got disconnected just join the meeting then click the “reclaim host” button on the “more” button found in the participants tab

Was this question ever answered? I have a teacher who came to me today saying his ZOOM room has been freezing up. He has to restart his computer and while he does that one of the students gets the ZOOM host control. When he eventually gets back it the controls go back to him. He told me that in his settings he is the only assigned host. Can you let me know if the function of students being put into the waiting room while host is kicked off (or has to leave the meeting) has ever come to fruition?

What are the reasons why the host suddenly gets kicked out of the meeting even if he didnt left the zoom meeting?

Do you know the reason why you were suddenly kicked out of the meeting?

Hey @mtozzi , and everyone,

If your host gets disconnected we now offer the ability to put all participants into the waiting room until the host rejoins. You can read more info here: