Hosting a Webinar via the Web Client


Is it possible to start a webinar using the Web Client? The documentation clearly states it’s possible to join a webinar as a participant, but it’s not really clear whether it’s possible to start a webinar as host.


Hi @gsnewmark,

Right now it’s not possible to start a Webinar using the Web Client but we do have it on the roadmap to include this feature within a release coming very soon.


Great! But I was asking about the Web Client, not the SDK :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry for the confusion.

No worries. They both would support the same functionality and would release the webinar start feature at the same time.

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Thank you for all the help.

@gsnewmark Happy to help out! :grinning:

do you mean via web hosting?

Hey @maxmuller2199,

We mean via the Web SDK.


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