How authenticate a zoom account?

Hi Dev,

     I need to authenticate a zoom account in my web app, may I know how to do it? Is it OAuth(redirect to some zoom authentication URL) or API key and secret ?

If OAuth then what URL to hit? If API key and secret then what URL to hit from which I’ll know that account is a valid zoom account. 



If I pass data in query string then it works fine. But if I write data to request stream then it doesn’t work.

May I know how zoom rest api excepts data? i.e in body, header or only in query string?

Can you explain your use case a little more, what do you mean by authenticate a zoom user, what’s the purpose.

Can you provide examples of your code?


    I want to integrate zoom in my app i.e a user will connect to zoom in my app and if successful then I’ll create/update meeting on his behalf on zoom from my app. Please let me know if its still not clear.


Hi Priyank,


It sounds like you want something like an OAuth flow, were you want to act within the scope of a specific user, we currently do not support that. 

Hi Joshua,

     Thanks. I got a way to authenticate a user, I’ll use “getbyemail” api to authenticate a user. I’ll check user email for API key and API secret, and if user exists for API key and API secret then it means he is a valid user.