How can i add automated participant in Zoom Meeting SDK along with participant in same PC?

Hi ,

I am going to create one web application with Meeting SDK. In this, I am going to create one meeting link and send it to another person to join. While another person joins I have to create one more AI participant along with that joined person. AI participant has to interact with the joined participant.
How can I create this one? I tried this but we can join one person in that meeting link? Since joining 2 people (One is a manual participant & the other one is an Automated participant) in the same PC system throws duplicate participants. How can I achieve this?

Any help is appreciated.

@renganathan.s , in your production environment, the AI bot will join from a different machine right?

Right now the issue you are having is a web browser + meeting sdk restriction. where you cannot use a browser to join the same meeting more than once.

You can try using different browsers, or 2 different machines during development

@renganathan.s, you can spin up an instance of the Zoom Linux SDK to have the AI participant join the meeting.

You can also use to do this. It’s a simple 3rd party API that lets you send meeting bots into calls.

Let me know if you have any questions!

HI Chun Siong,

Thanks for your response. Currently, In production also we are not planning a separate system for the AI bot. This is one to one discussion model(One will be AI Host and the other one will be a manual participant). Same way multiple persons will initiate this session, So we try to initiate the AI host also from his system. Maybe we can try AI host in a separate system.

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for your response, We will try.