About create meetings and join with link

I have an educational website that caters to both teachers and students. Teachers have the ability to schedule appointments for either a group of students or just one student individually. I’m interested in integrating Zoom into my platform for conducting these appointments. However, I’d like to streamline the process and avoid the necessity for each user to have their own Zoom account or requiring them to log in separately to Zoom.

Ideally, what I’m looking for is a way to generate a unique meeting link and password for each appointment created on my platform. This would allow participants to easily join the meeting without needing to sign up or log in to Zoom separately.

Could you please provide guidance on how I can achieve this using the Zoom API or any other recommended method?

To accomplish your desired workflow, you can use the Zoom API’s registration feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a meeting with registration enabled. If you prefer, you can disable the meeting email notification so that registrants aren’t emailed when they get registered for the meeting.

Create a Meeting API: Zoom Meeting API

  1. Use the Add a meeting registrant API to register participants. The response from this API will include a unique join URL for each participant. You can then send this URL to your participants, allowing them to join the meeting without needing to sign up or log into Zoom separately.