How can I create an invite link for host or join meeting as host using API?

Basically, we create the meetings with our API keys and we want to join that meeting as host with our API keys. One who will login as host doesn’t have the credentials but we have the API keys in the backend and want that person to login as host using those API keys from which meeting was created

Let me know if there’s way to support this


Welcome to the Developer Forum! This workflow is definitely possible @vmcdgov1 ! First, can you confirm if the user will be joining the meeting via the Zoom Meeting SDK?

In the meantime, there are various approaches you can take to accomplish that desired workflow.

  1. When you create a meeting you can store the start_url, then share it with the user you want to host the meeting.

  1. Or if you’re planning on embedding the Meeting SDK into your Web page, then you can consider leveraging the user’s ZAK token. The user’s ZAK token can then be passed into the Meeting SDKs to start the user’s meeting or webinar.

Thanks, we will try the start_url method

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