How to start a meeting as a host through API after successfully creating the meeting?

*I am successfully able to create a zoom meeting using API. But how can I start a zoom meeting with a component view. How can start the meeting as a host in a component view mode ? I guess that can be done if I join a meeting as a host with signature and role as 1. I am not sure what I am missing. I am getting the following error. Please guide. *

type: ‘JOIN_MEETING_FAILED’, reason: ‘Not support start meeting via tokens’, errorCode: 200}

@jimmy.usu2006 could you try out the guide here?

Hi Chun,
I had tried. However I was able to solve it in a different way.
I had created server 2 server oAuth token to create a zoom meeting.
Then I used another oAuth app’s credential with the ZAK of the created meeting and I was able to join as a host to the meeting. I don’t know how right or wrong it as both app is my account only.

@jimmy.usu2006 ,

You should be able to use either Oauth or S2S OAuth for this.

OAuth - Account Level to do both

  • create a meeting
  • get the host’s ZAK token

Server to Server OAuth - Account level

  • create a meeting
  • get the host’s ZAK token

The ZAK token is associate with the user object in the REST API.

For some reason S2S oAuth account’s clientId and Secret didn’t work. I was not able to join the meeting as a whole after successfully creating a meeting. The above error is exactly because of that. I believe I was generating right signature as it worked with standard oAuth account app’s client id and secret.