How can i hiden meetting id use android sdk

android sdk version :v4.6.21666.0429
use this sdk i cannot found api to hiden meeting id ,but i found zoom app has hiden the meeting id.
how can i hiden meetting id use android sdk.
thanks a lot.

custom_meeting_id=" "; can hiden the meeting id

Hi 386407904,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, you may hide the meeting id in the following way:

  1. Using the custom_meeting_id = β€œβ€ as you are mentioning
  2. Pass the MeetingViewSOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID to MeetingOptions.meeting_views_options

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Hi, does this solution only hides it but also avoids long press to share the meeting URL?

Hi emirgocen,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think we support hiding this ability. I will forward this to the engineering team to further investigate the possibility of supporting this.