How can I override the Realtime meeting voice with some other voice fetching from cloud

Hello Zoom Dev Community,

Is it possible to integrate a cloud-fetched custom voice into real-time Zoom meetings using Node.js? We want to enhance user experience by substituting the real-time voice with a cloud-sourced voice, improving accessibility for global users.

Our goal is to enhance the meeting experience by allowing participants to seamlessly communicate in their preferred languages as an externa tool.

Our approach:

  1. Capture and process audio with Node.js.
  2. Integrate cloud voice into meeting audio ().
  3. Ensure seamless real-time mixing of translated audio.

Though this is a challenging project, we’re aiming for a proof of concept by replacing the voice initially.

Your insights on feasibility, limitations, and best practices are invaluable. We’re committed to upholding Zoom’s terms, user privacy, and ethics.


@blackpanthar2023 ,

This might not be possible with web sdk.

It is entirely possible with desktop sdk such as windows, mac and linux as they provide native access to receive and send audio.

However you need to deal with latency.