Getting Real Time Audio From Meetings

Is there a way to access ongoing meetings real time audio data using APIs?
There is cloud recording available from zoom, but we don’t want to wait till it being processed.
I want to process those data real time.

What I want to do is mimicking zoom’s meeting bot which is described here

Is Zoom’s Meeting Bot based on Desktop Client?
And how can I join meeting with token issued with /meetings/{meetingId}/jointoken/local_recording?

BTW I recognized there is some Zoom Apps on marketplaces processing real time audio data to provide transcripts or so. What option should I look for to do the similar things?

Hi @sungpah_lee ,

Please check out this post and a few others on our forum when you search “live audio” :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps!

Hello @gianni.zoom
I want to know more about not just streaming options rather how can I join with Meeting SDK powered app using token issued with /meetings/{meetingId}/jointoken/local_recording.
Could you give me some more detail about that?

Thank you!