How do I generate a valid SDK signature from PHP?

Hi, I’m trying to generate a signature but I’m only getting an error.

function generate_signature ( $api_key, $api_secret, $meeting_number, $role){
    //Set the timezone to UTC
      $time = time() * 1000 - 30000;//time in milliseconds (or close enough)
      $data = base64_encode($api_key . $meeting_number . $time . $role);
      $hash = hash_hmac('sha256', $data, $api_secret, true);
      $_sig = $api_key . "." . $meeting_number . "." . $time . "." . $role . "." . base64_encode($hash);
      //return signature, url safe base64 encoded
      return rtrim(strtr(base64_encode($_sig), '+/', '-_'), '=');
{type: 'JOIN_MEETING_FAILED', reason: 'Signature is invalid.', errorCode: 3712}

I’m using the CDN

<!-- For ZOOM Component and Client View -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- For ZOOM Component View -->
    <script src=""></script>
let meetingSDKElement = document.getElementById('meetingSDKElement')

    debug: true,
    zoomAppRoot: meetingSDKElement,
    language: 'en-US',
    customize: {
        meetingInfo: [
        toolbar: {
            buttons: [{
                text: 'Custom Button',
                className: 'CustomButton',
                onClick: () => {
                    console.log('custom button')

    sdkKey: SDKKEY,
    signature: SIGNATURE,
    meetingNumber: MEETINGNUMBER,
    password: ZOOMPASSWORD,
    userName: ZOOMUSER,

Did you find the solution? Stuck at a similar problem.

Hi, @SVIF,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – we are thrilled to have you join the community. Would you be able to share what App type you are using to generate the meeting signature? The first thing I would recommend is to manually generate and enter the signature. This will help isolate the root cause of the behavior you are seeing.


Hi, I dropped this for a while but would now like to have a solution.
Can you provide me with the necessary code to generate a valid SDK Signature in PHP? I’m using a Meeting SDK for the web.

@SVIF Here is example SDK Signature in PHP:


 * Below are the fields required for the JWT payload

 * sdkKey: Your SDK Key. Required for Web, optional for Native.
 * sdkSecret Required, your SDK API Secret
 * mn: The Zoom Meeting or Webinar Number. Required for Web, optional for Native.
 * role: The user role. Required for Web, optional for Native. Values: 0 to specify participant, 1 to specify host.
 * iat: The current timestamp in epoch format. Required.
 * exp: JWT expiration date. Required. Values: Min = 1800 seconds greater than iat value, max = 48 hours greater than iat value. In epoch format.
 * tokenExp: JWT expiration date. Required. Values: Min = 1800 seconds greater than iat value, max = 48 hours greater than iat value. In epoch format.
 * Source:
function generateSignature($sdkKey, $sdkSecret, $meetingNumber, $role) {
    $iat = time();
    $exp = $iat + 60 * 60 * 2;
    $token_payload = [
        'sdkKey' => $sdkKey,
        'mn' => $meetingNumber,
        'role' => $role,
        'iat' => $iat,
        'exp' => $exp,
        'tokenExp' => $exp

    $jwt = JWT::encode($token_payload, $sdkSecret, 'HS256');
    return $jwt;

echo(generateSignature($_ENV['SDK_KEY'], $_ENV['SDK_SECRET'], 12345678912, 0));
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i have same problem with C# i try to use SDK Key and Secrets And try to use Jwt apiKey And secrets and have same problem why dot end this we need to solve this


Thanks for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you confirm you if are using the SDK Key and Secrets from Meeting SDK Marketplace App type? Here is a link to the help documentation for reference :

In the meantime, you may also find this thread which includes C# code snippet helpful: