How do I get a list of future webinars?

We’re currently pulling the list of webinars from our account using a JWT app (and displaying them on our site), which apparently is going to be deprecated soon. What should I use instead, moving ahead? Will an SDK app work, or do we need to create a server-to-server Oauth app?

Hi @rivkadr ,

You can use this endpoint along with a Server to Server or standard OAuth app authorization to the Zoom APIs :slight_smile:

Are you aware of any PHP libraries/wrappers for doing server to server oauth? Or any clear step-by-step examples/tutorials of how to do this? I’ve been reading the documentation, but dang, it is not very clear or helpful.

Hi @rivkadr ,

Would appreciate your feedback on what about the documentation feels unclear so we can improve it!

Here’s some threads with helpful info for migrating to S2S OAuth and they feature our Postman workspace: