JWT app type migration Issues

Noticed that JWT will be deprecated June 1, 2023. We should migrate the JWT APP as soon as possible.
Here are what out website do with JWT app.

  1. with PHP server, we create meeting/webinar. and start the meeting/webinar
  2. Use zoom web sdk to host/join the meeting.

Important one: we have default zoom account to do those options. But we also allow our customers use their on zoom account to host the meetings. They should provide their JWT app settings in our website.

Now we want to use Server to Server OAuth to create the meeting/webinar in our website. Then we create a Server to Server OAuth app. It works all fine.

  1. If we still need to host/join meeting/webinar in our website, we should create another app: Meeting SDK app, right?
  2. We try to create meeting sdk app, it needs lots information. If our customers want to use their own zoom account, They should create Server to Server OAuth app and Meeting SDK app too, right? If yes, is their any simple way to create those apps? If no, how can the customer use their own zoom account in our website?

Hope the description is clear. It’s urgent. we must migrate our jwt app successfully before deadline.

Hi @jh.ddxp
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

Yes, you would need to migrate your JWT app type to a Server to Server Oauth app.
To answer your questions, 1. Yes you will need to create a Meeting SDK app and use the credentials associated with that app.

  1. If your app is not published in the Marketplace, then yes your customers will need to use their own app and they will need to create a Meeting SDK app. When creating the app they can disable the option to publish the app on the Zoom App Marketplace, and by doing this it won’t be required to add a lot of information to the app.

Your customers will also need to create a Server to Server app in order to be able to create those meetings/webinars.

Hope this helps,

@elisa.zoom Thanks for the help. If we publish the apps (Server to Server and Meeting SDK) in the market, then our customers can directly use this app, right? If yes, how can our customers use the app, can you show me some document on how to do this?

Hi @jh.ddxp
You can not publish the Server to Server App
On the other hand, you can publish the Meeting SDK, this way your customer can use the app by authorizing it in their account.

Here are some useful links:




@elisa.zoom Thank you very much. I have migrated successfully without publish Meeting SDK app.

Happy to hear that! @jh.ddxp
Let us know if you need anything else from us in the future

This is helpful I also migrated successfully.

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