Create meeting link on behalf of external users by hosting OAuth Account Level APP

Hello Zoom Team,

I have key question in order to proceed with my task.

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I am using zoom corporate account and my role is Member role. I am working as developer. We have website where we want our customers (who are recruiters) to be able to create zoom meeting from our website and share meeting link with candidate for interview purpose.

So far, I have created OAuth account level APP in the zoom marketplace. It is not published currently. I have created API in my application to create meeting link using bearer token

I have couple of questions:

  1. Let’s app is approved and publish in the zoom marketplace. Is it possible for our website users (who are not a part of corporate account - they are external users) to create a meeting link using zoom API where in I pass website user’s zoom email address in {userid} parameters in this API: /users/{userId}/meetings

  2. We currently have business account with zoom. Account is In that case, is there any limit on number of meeting can be created using API and is there any restriction on meeting duration?

  3. How much time approximate it will take to approve app and publish it by zoom team provided that there is no queries raised from zoom team?

  4. Since we have business account with zoom, can we get in touch with zoom representative in order to resolve any blockers quickly?

  5. During processing of obtaining authorization code by using call back URL, zoom is asking to enter user name and password. We do not want our customers/users to enter zoom credentials while creating a meeting through our website. Is there anyway to skip this step by doing it through back end API OR using single sign on zoom automatically verifies it if we provide user’s zoom account email address in someway?

I would really appreciate if you can provide answers as early as possible? It is kind of urgent request.

Thank you,

Hello Zoom Team,

I am eagerly waiting for your response…


Sorry for the delayed response.

  1. Yes, as long as they authorize your app in their zoom account first.
  2. For most part our APIs mirror operations that can be performed on website. But for create / update meeting, you can only create / update 100 meetings per day per user
  3. We do not have an SLA, we review apps on first come first server basis. It generally takes 72 business hours to review the app but it could take more / less time based on the queue.
  4. Can you post your blockers here? happy to help.
  5. If they want to authorize your integration, then they need to be logged in to their zoom account (think sign up with google or facebook). If they are already logged in then they wont be asked to provide the credentials. You just need to provide the publishable URL to the user. Once they click on it, we will take care of the authorization part, and then redirect them to your redirect URL once they authorize