How do I tell if a user shared a screen/app during a meeting?

In the Meeting Dashboard in the Admin GUI, I can export the details for a specific meeting. However, I can’t tell which participant(s) shared their screen during the meeting. I thought I’d be able to tell by who had Screen Sharing sending metrics, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There are Screen Sharing sending metrics for all participants, not just the person sharing. Is there a way through the Dashboard, or APIs, to get this information?

Hi @Chadster ,

Have you tried using the meeting.sharing_started and meeting.sharing_ended webhooks to track screen sharing for participants?


Ah. Thank you. That might work for future meetings, but what about researching completed meetings?

Hi @Chadster

For past meetings you could use our Dashboard endpoints:


Thanks Elisa,
It looks like one of these results might help, although is “share_application” really limited to the iPhone/iPad app? And does “share_desktop” also include if a participant only shared a specific application?

Whether the participant chose to share an iPhone/iPad app during the screenshare.

Whether the participant chose to share their desktop during the screenshare.


hey @Chadster

Yes, share_application is limited to iPhone and iPad as the documentations states and the share_desktop will include whatever has been shared it could be the full screen or certain application