Can't get sharing details on meetings


Hi !

I try to get information from :


(Retrieve sharing/recording details of meeting participant)

I created meeting , shared screen, and have to know when the screen sharing started and ended,

but I got empty JSON, with MeetingID and with UUID.

I tried it for multiply meeting that has screen sharing, and it always blank even when I try on playground.

What could be a problem ?

Thanks !


Hi @lgelman,

We’ll take a look to see if there is any issues with Playground. Can you try and use POSTman and see if you’re still getting the same response. Also, would you be able to provide the request payload so that I can take a closer look?



Hi Michael,

I tried to run with my code, and I get empty JSON, what information you need from payload ? You need the meeting UUID ? I can send to your email ?


Hi @lgelman,

The full request payload would help with userID and account ID would help as well. You can send the info to