How do I use Zoom APIs to change user's settings to record each participant in a separate file?

We want non-technical users to be able to integrate to our platforms easily. On integration, their cloud-recorded meetings would get to our platform automatically. To serve the users best, the audio in their meetings needs to be recorded separately for each participant. This is easy to do when you know your way around the Zoom Settings page – but as I mentioned at the start – they aren’t technical enough. So, we want to leverage Zoom API to change this settings for them (of course after notifying them that such a change is being done).

After perusing the APIs, the closest I could find is the API endpoint:

which has the following portion in its request body:


However, this does not fit the bill as we need to record the audio separately. The only alternative I can find right now is to write descriptively how they can change their settings – but as I mentioned earlier – they are not technical people.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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Additional context

It is not currently allowing me to attach a screenshot. So, here is a link to the settings page:

Under that, go to cloud recordings and look for Record audio-only files > Record a separate audio file of each participant

Currently the only way to get recordings with separate audio channels is to have local recordings. If it’s in the cloud you can only get a single recording with all audio.

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