How do you overlay a view on top of the Zoom view?

We are building a mobile app on iOS and Android using a non-custom Zoom UI. While on a Zoom call, we want to have a few pop up in a modal sheet so that the person on the call can perform certain required actions, such as signing a document or uploading a picture.

Our instinct was that merely creating a modal sheet would appear over the Zoom view, but that appears not to be the case, it appears under the Zoom UI.

Is it possible to being up a modal view over the zoom ui?

Thank you.

Hey @cpytel,

Thanks for using the dev forum.

The default meeting UI does not really support this functionality directly.
To be able to do this you will either have to minimize the meeting view or use the meeting view to handle presentation on your own. To access the meeting view you can use the meetingView property within MobileRTCMeetingService.
Otherwise, you can achieve this behavior by implementing a custom meeting UI.


Thanks very much, using this information I was able to head off in the right direction.

For iOS I was able to minimize the meeting view programmatically and then bring up a screen, and then restore the full meeting.

However, because this minimizing functionality does not exist in the non-custom UI Android SDK, it looks like we might need to either add a view to the meeting view on Android and overlay the meeting. However, is it possible to introduce a minimized meeting view on Android in our app without having to implement an entire custom UI?

Thank you again.

Hey @cpytel,

I believe the Android SDK does have a minimize meeting functionality in the non-custom meeting UI. However, in that SDK it is called miniMeetingView. If you take a look at ZoomUIService, there is a method called enableMinimizeMeeting.