How does the sdk component work?

I am encountering an issue concerning the Component View for the Meeting SDK. When I integrate the SDK within a popup over a certain component, it fails to function properly. Upon clicking the ‘Join Meeting’ button, I receive a ‘Failed to Join Meeting’ message, and in the console, I encounter a ‘4003 Invalid Parameters’ error.

However, when I forego the use of a popup and directly render it on the same page, it functions correctly. Is there something I might be overlooking in the way it operates? If so, I would greatly appreciate your guidance and insights.

the second picture with Join meeting closes after 2 secs

@ashishdwivediw are you trying to run multiple instance of component view in a single page?
That is not a support scenario.

@chunsiong.zoom I have a list of distinct hyperlinks, with each link triggering the deployment of an embedded video SDK within a popup interface. Regrettably, this configuration consistently results in a recurring 4003 error. Is this issue expected according to you, or should this behavior indeed be operational? It’s notable that the video initializes successfully but experiences crashes whenever I attempt to modify the meeting’s dimensions. Also don’t get confused about the 2 pictures they are two different implementation one uses a popup which is not working and one renders in same place . I want the popup to work.

@ashishdwivediw , I can’t really tell from the screenshot if they are in iframe or in a popup. Could you elaborate the flow?

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