How does webinar custom live streaming works on recieving end?

Hi all,

I want to live stream from Zoom webinar to my website, so anyone without joining the meet can access live stream of webinar. Zoom allows to stream on YouTube & Facebook but there is a custom option as well which ask to enter stream URL and key. (doc)

I don’t know what to search for it exactly and I’m not getting any results. I did studied RTMP server a bit but not sure if that applies to my case.

On my website I’m running PHP in backend with NodeJS for server. But I’m comfortable with any implementable solution as long as I can live stream Zoom webinar straight on my webpage.

If you know about this, or some reference materials, that would help me a lot! Thanks in advance!

Hi @fail_fixer

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
Here is a super helpful guide written by one of my colleagues

Hope this helps!

Oh yaah my question is same i am also facing the same issue for my website develop here is the [URL](but i have get too much tips from the zoom [froums] Thank you

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