RTMP stream out from Zoom into custom streaming service failing

I’m attempting to stream out of zoom into a custom streaming software. The “streaming URL” and “streaming key” have been tested when streaming out of another system other than zoom and they worked. When attempting to stream out of Zoom, the error below is shown. Since the stream url and streaming key are confirmed to work, the last detail is the “live streaming page URL” in terms of what Zoom needs. The custom streaming service we’re using is going to redirect the live stream to Linkedin Live (there is a reason for this set up) so for the “Live streaming page URL” field we used the linkedin live url here and it failed. Since the streaming URL and Streaming key have been confirmed to work in another system, I’m at a loss for why this isn’t working as expected

" Unable to live stream to the custom service.

[Update the Streaming URL and Streaming Key](javascript::wink: on the configuration page, then try again."

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Stream out of Zoom via RTMP into a custom streaming service (in my case, the software is called “Socialive”)

I would also like to note that I’m not a developer, however when I contacted chat support they told me to come here as they were unable to provide answers. At the end of the day I just need to resolve the issue and have the RTMP streaming out of Zoom operate as expected

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As a first step, can you share more details regarding how you configured Socialive and what failure message you are seeing? Also, are you looking to accomplish the described implementation programmatically? If so, I’ve linked several resources you may find helpful. The blog post below provides a step by step instructions on creating a simple RTMP server to receive and view the stream data.