How increase Limited number of user?

I have organized Online class training for the newbie student on some packages base, I’m using jazz daily internet packages, the training is about “How to Earn during Lock down days” (Somehow E-Commerce) for the first time we have just 64 clients that joined the meeting but now we have crossed over 100 clients, But the Zoom Link only allow less than 101 students how can i unlocked limitless feature or increase the limit.

Kindly Guide me a little bit.

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Hi @thegroupad,

Please can you confirm if you created this meeting via Zoom?

To support more than 100 participants you should purchase the Business plan, or you should have a pro plan with a Large Meetings Addon.

For more information, you should visit the pricing page.


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Thanks Sir, I was using free plan Now I will upgrade the plan because It is needed…
the next question is that how much data will consume during 1:30 Hour Meeting, because I’m using Jazz Daily internet package.

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For 1-on-1 meetings you’ll use around 1GB per hour at 720p, however for group calls you can expect to use around 1.5GB per hour at 720p. These are just estimates, it’s better to do your own tests and see what data usage you get.


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Okay Sir, I Will test this tonight…!!!

Thank you for the support @alexmayo :slight_smile:

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