How long does it take for the signature to expire?

I have used zoom web sdk for my moodle site. Then I use iframe to show it in the course page. I generate the meeting link and copy it to the iframe. It works. The same link works.

For sometime, I did not use this. Then today I went to this meeting and got this error.“Signature is expired.”

I get the error message “Signature is expired”. Normally how long is a signature active?

Which version?
version 18.1


  • Version: latest
  • Browser: Edge Browser

Additional context
I just want how long does it take for an auto generated signature to expire?

Hey @bhanukawork,

The Web SDK signature expires shortly after it is generated. We suggest generating it right before joining the meeting / webinar. :slight_smile:


Usually how long does a signature stay after generating?

Hey @bhanukawork,

The Web SDK signature lives up to 2 hours.


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