How to add individual occurrence to an existing meeting via zoom API?

I would like to add one makeup occurrence (on Friday) to the existing meeting (happens weekly on Monday, Wednesday). How do I use the zoom meeting update API to do that? Thanks.

Hi @Sunshine_David

You will have to send a PATCH request to the meeting you are trying to update!
Here is the endpoint that you can use to do so:

You will see that there is a recurrence object in the request body that you can send with the updates that you want to make to the meeting.

Hope this helps,

Thanks a lot for the reply.
I can update the recurrence object to extend the end_date_time. But the issue is that: currently, I have 20 occurrences scheduled on Monday and Wednesday. There is one meeting canceled this Monday and I want to make it up on Friday(other than Monday or Wednesday) after the last day. How can I add that Friday occurrence to the recurrence object?

Hi @Sunshine_David

Have you tried passing the occurrence_id in the query parameters when making the patch request?

By doing so you can make updates to a specific occurrence and change the date of it.