How to add multiple registrants via on Zoom Pro API?

I want to register multiple registrants. So i use this API . Time to time I got NULL return value.
I don’t know the reason. please help me to resolve this.


Passing Data



It seems ZOOM api not allowed batch processing for “add registrants” .

Eg : there are 300 students in our classes. if we add 300 students as registrants, then what happens to our api limits. currently i m using ZOOM Pro package

your API doc mentioned “Rate Limit” is LIGHT . if i call this method 300 times (to add students one by one). then what happens to API limit. please explain ?

Hey @sameera,

That’s correct, you can only add one registrant at a time with that API. Feel free to add Bulk Registrations as a feature request: #feature-requests

You can make 30 requests per second with your Pro account and the APIs labeled with Light. This means that in 10 seconds you should be able to complete registering 300 users. You can find more information on this in our documentation:



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