How to 'Broadcast' a message to webinar participants

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First time Zoom API user, please be gentile :wink: Working with a client to integrate Zoom Webinars into a legislative meeting automation workflow (including both in-person and remote attendees) and I think we’ve gotten everything figured out or worked around but the one thing I’m completely stumped on:

The client would like to be able to automatically generate and send a chat message to all remote participants during the Webinar e.g. for changes to the agenda, a heads-up for the “next up after this one” item, etc.

I can’t figure out which API endpoint needs to be leveraged and how in this context — it seems the “Chat Messages” category or “IM Chat” would be the most likely candidate but these seem to be user-orientated and I’m not sure how to apply them to a Webinar


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Currently functionality is developed with JWT; OAuth is clumsy and extremely high-overhead in this environment but may be a possibility if that’s the only way.

Which Endpoint/s?
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Suspect something like


But I’m really wandering the woods here.

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Hi @lincoln

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum and I am so glad you are implementing our APIs!
I am more than happy to help here!

You were heading into the correct direction on looking into our “IM Chat” APIs

Unfortunately, those endpoints are deprecated and therefore we don’t support them anymore.
I would suggest that you do not implement them since it may affect the functionality of your app in the future.

As for the “Chat Messages”

these endpoints are meant to be used to send chat messages to individual users in your contact list or to certain channels. With these endpoints you won’t be able to send In Meeting messages.

That being said, we do not have a specific endpoint to send In meeting/ in webinar messages to participants.

Hope this helps!

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