How to cancel register information dialog in webinar mode?



我们使用webinar 模式来上课, 客户是9~17岁的学生,
其中 webinar 在进入会议(上课)的时候,
学生不太会填写这些信息, 这给我们上课的学生带来一些困难,
我们想能否取消这个对话框, 关于学生的昵称我们通过API 提供,

We use the webinar mode to teach, and the client is a student between the ages of 9 and 17. Where webinar enters the meeting (class),
A dialog box for filling in the mailbox and user nickname will pop up.
Students don’t quite fill in this information, which brings some difficulties to the students in our class.
We want to cancel this dialog, about the student’s nickname we provide through the API,
What is the solution?


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